Prices of portraits, paintings and sculptures


Little girlhoutskoolportret o.b.v. fotoacrylverfportret
Charcoal - 24 x 30 cm - € 130,00Pastel - 24 x 30 cm - € 130,00
                15 x 24 cm - € 65,00
Acrylic paint on canvas - 30 × 40 cm - € 240,00
Above you find some examples of materials and prices. The materials used do not affect the price, the format does. The 15 x 24 cm format is not available in acrylic paint. Below is a list (postage and packing are included).

15 x 24 cm – € 65.00 (1 subject; not in acrylic paint)
24 x 30 cm – € 130.00 (1 subject)
30 x 40 cm – € 240.00 (2 subjects)
50 x 70 cm – € 375.00 (3 or 4 subjects)


The price of a commissioned painting depends on a number of things:

  • The canvas. You can choose cloth, but also paper, plasterboard and even cardboard plate. I can advise you on that.
  • The materials used and the techniques I have worked with. These are an important part of the price.
  • The dimensions of the painting and the time it took to finish it.

The influence of these factors is different for each painting and is closely related to your preferences. Therefore it is virtually impossible to come up with fixed prices, however you can assume a “from-price” of €150.00. The data associated with the paintings on this site may give you an impression of which factors have contributed to the final price. If you let me know your wishes for a new painting, I will be happy to make a quote for you.

For additional information about a particular painting you have seen on this site, or if you want to know more about the possibilities, please contact me.

I live and work in Italy. Shipping costs are always included in the price. However, there is a down payment of €15.00 for a commissioned painting or portrait.


Every sculpture is unique and it is a long process to create it. Therefore it is impossible to give any price indication. If you are interested, feel free to contact me and I will gladly inform you.


Werk in uitvoeringI would like to tell you a little more about the different materials I use for a portrait or painting. Of course there are paints and pigments for the colors but the subsoil, the “carrier” is also very important. A good quality surface ensures that the painting or portrait remains beautiful for an extended period of time. Whether it’s the paper for a charcoal drawing or the canvas for a painting, it should hold and not absorb the colors, and they should stay beautiful and not fade or become too dark. That’s why I use different types of carriers.


For the charcoal drawing I take a special kind of paper.Papier uit Fabriano It comes from Fabriano, a city not far from my home and also the city that produces very good paper since the 13th century (they even have a paper museum: Museo della Carta e della Filigrana). The properties of this paper make it possible to nicely build up” the charcoal. There is no fading and it holds the charcoal very well.

A pastel portrait demands a different type of paper. To make a beautiful portrait I often use 6 or 7 layers of pigment. Usually I start with a layer of watercolor paint and then I build the portrait with pigments. Pastelmat papierIt is very important that the paper holds all these layers correctly. I have chosen Clairefontaine’s pastelmat. This material is known to hold color very well and remain beautiful over a long time, “more than a lifetime” as they say in advertisements. Also with this paper no fixative is necessary, and that is a big advantage because a fixative can often adversely affect the brightness of the pigments.


The painting canvas I use is already prepared, but because the coat of primer is often minimal, I prepare the canvas again using a primer that I have composed myself. Here too the purpose is the sustainability of the colors over a long time. And I always treat my paintings with a protective layer.

To protect your pastel portrait or charcoal drawing, it is recommended to have it framed in glass by a professional picture framer.  You’ll read more about this in the instructions enclosed in the package.

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